Customized facial

Customized facial  $125/1 hour:
Personalized facial for your unique skin needs.
Facial will include extractions if needed, specialized mask, moisturizer and SPF.
Every face needs something different and will vary for each individual.


Your facial may include the following which will be determined by the esthetician
according to your skins needs:
-Mandelic acid – For acneic skin or Dark skin, sensitive skin, rosacea,
aging and fine lines
-Lactic Acid peel – reduces appearances of aging, fine lines, wrinkles,
improves skin texture and other signs of premature aging from sun
-Intensive Brightening peel – for pigmentation, lightens and brightens, anti-
aging fine lines & wrinkles
-Glycolic acid peel – Anti aging, fine lines and wrinkles
-Retinol 10/10 peel – deeply pigmented skin
-C:vitality peel – Anti aging, fine lines, sun damage