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ALL ABOUT FACE is located in the heart of Newport Beach across from the famous “Fashion Island”. You will receive individualized treatments from the solo practitioner each time you visit that are result based and customized for skin your and budget. We are located within MOI Cosmetics where the estheticians also specialize in Lash extensions, brow design and tint, permanent makeup, Micro blading and beautiful makeup application using the finest quality ingredients. (Additional information can be found at

From your Esthetician:

Before I became an Esthetician I was thinking of getting Botox. I would look in the mirror and notice my face changing and lines and creases forming. As fate would have it I was on a Day Trip to visit Mexico where I had sponsored a child with my husband through our church, Mariners Church in Irvine. I met a beautiful woman named Sandra and she explained that she was an esthetician and I asked her if she could help me with Botox (not knowing that estheticians cannot perform Botox at that time). She quickly informed me that Botox was not the direction I should go and the reasons why. Instead she steered me in the direction of Micro current facials (non-surgical facelifts). I began a 10 week series of Micro-current facials to lift and tighten my face to re-educate my muscles and tighten my skin and continued monthly to maintain the results. During that time we became friends and she convinced me to go back to school to become an esthetician. Sandra was the reason I changed the direction of my life and is my inspiration behind my passion in my career. She sadly passed away unexpectedly before I finished school and I think of her and thank God for her every day. I named my micro current facial after her which is why it’s called “Sandra’s Inspiration”. It’s my belief that all we need is the Micro-current facial (lifting our faces, increasing ATP, hydrating our cells and tightening our skin) along with resurfacing the skin using Micro-dermabrasion and chemical peels and we will delay or reverse signs of aging. I wish I had started taking care of my skin and wearing sunscreen at a much younger age but am so thankful I have the tools to reverse the damage done and slow down/reverse the aging process.


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